Alex Meng

Managing Director

  • Joined Hina Group in 2012 with over 9 years of experience in finance industry. Co-lead Hina investment banking department.
  • Participated in a number of M&A and private equity financing worth more than US$15B. Successful M&A deals:, JD-Huaguan, Ucommune-New Space; Spin-off and financing: Baidu Takeaway, Xiaodu technology, Evernote China, Guazi; de-VIE and financing: Himalaya, Beva, Adwo; Private placements: 21Vianet, Landspace, Hujiang, Immotor, Medical AI, Waytous, Neolix etc.
  • Mr. Meng holds a bachelor's degree from Guanghua School of management, Peking University, and a master's and PhD from York University, UK.